Grown Out Of It

Sell Your Uniform

GROWN out of it offers a free on-line service, listing over 25,000 schools. Yes, if you missed that, the service is FREE to list, sell or buy second-hand uniforms on its website. And they’ve gone further, with a donation feature, allowing parents the option to donate part or all of the money they make from the school uniform to a designated PTA.

Environment and cost of living crises have made the necessity to remove the stigma surrounding second hand school uniform a crucial priority.

New guidance from the Department For Education requires signposting of second-hand uniforms from your school website in place for the September 2022 school year.

1.4 million wearable school uniforms thrown away each year. 81% of parents buy their children brand new school uniforms. Nearly half of parents don’t want their children wearing second hand clothing. 30% of parents buy their kid’s school uniforms bigger so they can grow into them. Half of families own items of clothing they have never worn. (source - mynametags)

If every school child wore a second hand uniform in September, we would save the equivalent annual energy use of over 20,000 homes or over 40,000 cars.