William Turner

Our Eco Journey

We’ve always taken our responsibilities as a business very seriously and have been dedicated to working for the good of communities and the environment.
Now more than ever we’re focussing on sustainability and the future of our children’s planet. We’re looking at all aspects of our business and to create our very own ‘Green Manifesto’. We’re making calculated steps towards change with the aim of reducing our carbon footprint and reducing items heading to landfill and our oceans.

Textile Recycling

We’re investing in new products and technology and sourcing new alternative, recycled and sustainable materials. We aim to ensure quality without compromise whilst focussing on our environmental impact.

Circular Fashion

We’ve partnered up with Newlife (The Charity for Disabled Children) to re-use and recycle any old or unwanted stock.

Carbon Footprint

We proudly make our ties in the UK which helps reduce your carbon footprint by 97% compared to ties manufactured in China.*

Supply Chain

We have strong ethical standards and eco-thinking that runs right through the thread of our business ensuring from start to finish we work to echo the same message from the factory to shop floor to the playground.

Energy Saving

We’re choosing sea and rail freight as our preferred methods of transportation wherever possible, as both produce less carbon pollution than air freight.

Plastic Reduction in Packaging

We’re removing plastic tie sleeves (preventing 1.78kg per 1,000 ties of plastic heading to landfill), and developing an alternative presentation card. We are also working hard to remove and find an alternative to virgin poly bags, to ensure bags arrive to our customers in perfect condition.

Ethical Policy

William Turner & Son operates throughout the whole of the UK and abroad and we pride ourselves on our reputation for acting fairly and ethically wherever we do business. Our reputation is built on our values as a company, the values of our employees and our collective commitment to acting with integrity throughout our organisation.

Employment is freely chosen

  • no forced, bonded or involuntary prison labour• Workers are not required to lodge deposits or their identity papers with the company and are free to leave the company after reasonable notice

Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining

  • Workers, without distinction, have the right to join or form trade unions of their own choosing and to bargain collectively
  • The company adopts an open attitude towards the activities of trade unions and their organisational activities.
  • Workers representatives are not discriminated against and have access to carry out their representative functions in the workplace. Working conditions are safe and hygienic
  • A safe and hygienic working environment shall be provided, bearing in mind the prevailing knowledge of the industry and of any specific hazards. Adequate steps shall be taken to prevent accidents and injury to health arising out of, associated with, or occurring in the course of work, by minimising, so far as is reasonably practicable, the hazards inherent in the working environment

.•Workers shall receive regular and recorded health and safety training, and such training shall be repeated for new or reassigned workers. Access to clean toilet facilities and to potable water, and if appropriate, sanitary facilities for food storage shall be provided.

  • The company observing the code shall assign responsibility for health and safety to a senior member of management